Friday, March 22, 2013

our crazy time back...

We came back into town late Tuesday night. As we drove home, I was not feeling well. I was fighting off a cold, and my ears hurt. While we were away I discovered I missed my OB appt so while driving home I called and was able to get in on Wednesday.

I went in to my appointment and my blood pressure was high. The nurse only took it once before the doctor ordered me to go to the labor and delivery to have an observation done and lab work completed. While I was there, I found out I had an ear infection as well. I was flustered and came home, skipping the hospital order.  I bought a blood pressure cuff and watched it from home that night. It was lower and I was doing fine.

To stay on the good side of my doctor, whom I am not too fan of, I went in to the hospital on Thursday morning to get Baby Q monitored. During the 2 hour observation, my pressures were great, baby was active, and everything looked great. I came home and started my 24 hour pee collection and needed one more lab to be done.

Thursday afternoon, Dustin took the older kids to see a movie, while the young two came to the church with me to work. As I was working, Kenni was feeling hot, whining, and telling me her "ear rings" hurt. When we got home, she cuddled with me while holding her lambie. (the above picture) We took her to the clinic and found out she had an ear infection as well.

Thursday evening we went out to eat at one of our favorite places, "Hu-Hot". While there, Gaby was in tears with her throat and head hurting. We came home after dinner and she went straight to bed.

Here we are, Friday morning... I have already turned in my pee test, had blood drawn, given medication to Kenni for her ears, taken my meds for my ear, and made an appointment for Gaby to see our doctor at 1:00 today.

Since we have been home, we have not made it one day without being at the doctors, clinic, or hospital. I am looking forward to getting everyone on the mend and feeling better soon!!!

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