Friday, March 22, 2013

Our vacation (iphone pictures)

 I will do a more in depth post about our first family vacation soon, however here are some sneak peeks from my iphone. We left Topeka on Thursday about 2pm heading to see our friends in Minnesota. We are packed and ready to go... all the kids had some type of electronic device to pass the time. Even Kenni was watching a movie on the ipod.

The drive down actually went pretty fast considering we had 4 kids and a 29 week preggers person all in the same van. We made quick restroom and dinner stops and made it into town about 11:00pm. The kids were tired and went to sleep pretty well.

We were very lucky our friends kept all six of us in their house allowing us to save on hotel cost. The kids loved seeing their friends and so did I.

 The first morning... hanging around the house. Gaby and Josh played legos and video games.
 Mia and Ainsley. They are less then a year a part in age however, I think Ainsley grew while they moved. :(
 We went to an inside play place that had things to do for all the ages of kids. Gaby, Kadyn, and Josh played laser tag. They also had bowling, golf, bounce houses, games, and climbing areas. The kids loved this place.
 Kadyn doing some bowling...

 We attended our first "mega" church and Saturday night service. I loved going on Saturday night. It was neat to see how the live band played then the pastor's message was broadcasted via projectors. I also was able to see the cool kids area and saw how they treated visiting families. It was a neat experience for us. 
 One of the highlights was going to the Mall of America. We had 9 hours and all day ride passes. I thought this was enough time to ride some rides then do some light shopping. Not so much. Besides stopping for lunch and a quick 30 minute walk around the mall, we did not shopping this day. However the kids had a blast, and that is all that mattered. Kenni met Spongebob and Dora. Mia meet Dora as well.
 Kenni was so excited when we found the "Yo Gabba Gabba" section at the Nick store. We brought home a new stuff Foofa to add to her collection. She is holding it in the above picture.

Kadyn and Josh on one of the rides. I was surprised at all the rides Mia could ride with Dustin. She was fearless and rode everything she was allowed to go on. Kendal and I went on a few as well, a fun time was had by all. It was a long day but a fun day.

On our way out of town, we ended up going back to the MoA to do some shopping so the kids could bring back Minnesota goodies for friends and family. More pictures to come... 

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