Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vroom, vroom, beep...

We are starting a new theme this week... "Wheeling Around".
We talked wheels, cars, and different types of transportation.

We spent some time in our journals today. These are really not the peanuts favorite thing to do so I added letter stamping into the mix and it made the time go by a lot faster! We worked on letters: M, N, and O.

Each child got to stamp the letters and then practice writing them.

Even the little peeps had fun stamping letters...

one was mad when it was time to clean up...

We set up our math center this morning using car, train, and jet sorting cards.

For science we talked about inclines. We saw how the wheels helped the cars move. We added and subtracted blocks to make different inclines. We even talked about different sizes and weights of the cars to see if it changed the pace of the car.

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