Monday, January 30, 2012

This just makes me laugh...

This Sunday was our first, " We are all getting up and going to 8:00 service which means everyone has to be ready and walking out the door by 7:15, the kids are cranky, my mom is running late, and I am grumpy after fixing 4 sets of girls hair, and I didn't go to be until after midnight" Sunday.

We had been doing really good until Christmas hit- then we were out of our early morning routine. But this past Sunday- we did it. We made it to 8am service, all 7 of us, and it just about killed us!

Anyway- back to the picture... after we came home, had lunch, put 2 peanuts down for a nap, the other 2 settled in to watch a movie. Dustin and laid down for a nap. At that point I was over tired and got giggly. I started messing with D, throwing his pillows off, and just making it very hard to sleep. He finally grabbed Kadyn's sleep mask and put it on. I tried to capture a picture of my fully grown husband sleeping with a 7 year old girls sleep mask. Didn't get the picture but got this instead. It still makes me laugh because I know what is under the covers... hey, hey PG rated! It's an adorable hubby of mine wearing a sleep mask!

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