Friday, January 6, 2012

Toasting on NYE

Kendal did not make it to midnight... maybe 10:30ish which is super late for my peanut that goes to bed by 8:30p. We Gave her sparkling grape juice. She loved it. Getting her toast in before her bedtime.
(Yes! This is how I really look on a lazy day at home... Dustin is sure a lucky guy.)

Kadyn and Gaby have no problem staying up to midnight during the summer and school breaks. I do not know how they do it but it scares me how functional they are the next morning after a late night! Yikes, their teens years are going to be scary!

Toasting at midnight... 2012 here we come.

Part of my clan... watching the ball drop and watching Dick Clark which was a little creepy. I feel for the guy and the health issues but just let it go. He was scary. Totally off there, sorry!

It wouldn't be New Years without fireworks. At midnight Gaby pushed the button to start Dustin's mini light show off...

Happy New Year!

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