Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Friday....

We started our morning out with one of our favorite things to do... blocks.
They love building houses and towers.
Then, they knock them down!

Today I fixed K's hair... she has piggy tales... too cute!

Today my little A is pulling herself up on everything!!!
She even picked up the chalk and made a few marks on the easel, that is after I redirected her from eating it. She got it... she getting big... she watches those big kids!

Monday and Friday's are our journal days... today we worked on writing numbers 11, 12. We also used our blue crayon and traced octagons.

This month we are starting one on one reading time. I have learned a hard lesson through my older peanuts how very very important early literacy is. I just completed a 6 hour class on early lit. centers and how to incorporate it into our every day centers! We have always worked on letters and writing, but now we are taking it one step further. We are reading. Just as they do in Kindergarten, we are working on sight words and reading books. Never too early to start... so we are.

And today is Friday... have a great day!

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