Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh, the pillow pet...

Gaby and Kadyn have wanted a pee-wee pillow pet for a while. After Christmas Dillon's had them one clearance for 6.50. At this price I gave in and picked 2 out. The choices were slim and there were not a lot left.
I gave Gaby the dog. After playing with it for a while, she noticed there was a hole in it. I didn't think much of it, safety pinned it up until later. Then, Gaby asks, "mom, where did you get this, it smells like you have been smoking".
Okay- not a smoker, never have been, hopefully never will be.
I smell the dog and I almost puke. The smell that came from that dog was nasty. I am not sure how I didn't catch it before.
Someone must have taken it back to the store because of the rip, and someone placed it back on the shelf. I then remember that her PP didn't have a tag when I was buying it.
It all makes sense now...

I then start freaking out... germs, sickies, head lice, ect. Everything that could come from this dog is now in my house and on my child.
Both the dog and the child got hot baths and scrub down. Crazy silly?? Maybe, however I run a daycare, I work with kids... germs and lice are EVERYWHERE!

I went back to the store... no more dogs or pets to be found. Gaby was heartbroken but I just couldn't get over the whole dog smell thing. Later that week Dustin went back and saw a few more. But guess what... the dog was not on sale. Back to 12.00. So he picked it up and what started out to be a great deal ended up to be a lot of stinky, germy, mess!

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