Thursday, August 29, 2013


 Our books we read today at circle time... we have been reading our favorites this week.

 We have started over with our numbers, letters, and shapes. This week we have been working on the number one. We made a "#1 Friends" poster and used one hand to paint.

 We had the reading aloud books out as one of our centers today.

 During free play... house and kitchen area is always a popular choice.

 Our writing wall... we added these pockets so we can show off our progress each week.

 Two times a week we do some short of worksheets. We focused on saying the letters in their names and picking the letters out from others.

 Then we worked on writing our names. Today Kendal did the last one all on her own. This by far was her best. Proud momma moment!
This little miss kept singing her, "ABC's" all morning! She gets so excited when we sing it during our circle time!

Hard at work this AM!!!

Next week we are kicking off our week with our letter "A".

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