Thursday, August 29, 2013

lil bit of cute!

 Quentin and his Mike stuffed plush... he loves grabbing his arms!

 I love baby feet! They grow too fast, so I will take pictures to remind me how little they once were!

 My soccer girls... Gaby and Kadyn had their first games this past Saturday. Both teams lost by 1 point but they play hard! It was great watching our girls in action!

 I love this picture too! Mia loves her baby brother. Poor guy never gets any alone time.

 At parent night, Mia had her work hanging in the hall way! She likes Kindergarten OK. She hadn't been in school for 2 weeks when she had to move her clip down for not focusing- poor thing is so my child! I miss her like crazy every day and I hope it gets easier to send her to school soon- she is my spunk.

Kendal started preschool at the lake two  afternoons a week. I feel like since her learning environment has always been at home, it is good to send her to preschool to experience something else. My little girls are all growing up! Not sure this momma likes that! :)

Happy Thursday! 

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