Tuesday, May 8, 2012

more baby animals..

 Today we talked about baby sheep at circle time. We discussed why people raise sheep, what their names are (ewe, ram, and lambs), and how they help us (some eat/drink their milk, meat, and make cheese). It became a very detailed conversation... today we made lambs.
 A gluing the fur onto her sheep.
 All last week we talked about baby animals that hatch from eggs. We boiled eggs and cracked them. We opened all of our eggs to make sure we didn't have a baby bird in it then we saved our shells.
 We colored baby birds and but the egg shells in a baggie with the birds... now we have our own hatching baby birds.
 Doing our art... coloring our baby birds.
 Starting our lambs by painting our little hands.
 Little A was getting so tired- so she went first.
I forgot to post this yesterday... A left our circle time so I let her go play. When we were finished with our books,poor little girl had fallen asleep. Some days she need a morning nap, some she doesn't. I guess today was a morning nap type of day!

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