Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rainy Day Theme....

 Our new theme for the rest of this week and next is rainy day fun. It was a good fit after our thunder storms last night and our cool temps for today. We switched out our learning board for circle time. We are reviewing all of our letters, shapes, colors, and numbers during the summer months. Today we are back at A.
 Our Science time... we did a dairy taste test. We used soy almond milk and 1% milk for our drinks and swiss and colby cheese for our eating test. We made a chart for our results.

 My summer crew ready for circle time. I have some kids that some 2-3 days a week and some that are 5. It is a full house no matter what the day, that is how we like it!

 My little birthday girl A. She is turning 3 years old. I have had Ash since she was a baby. I have enjoyed watching her grow, get back at her older brother C and tease him, and develop her own personality of pure diva and sass! Love this kid! Happy Birthday A.
 Having Birthday cupcake/brownie bites. Yummo! Her momma did a great job on these tasty treats.
 Birthday treats up close... her theme is minnie mouse. Too cute!
 My taste test helper...
 Everyone telling me why they liked their choice...

Our rainy day art... we soaked our chalk in milk to get them moist. We used the wet chalk to draw our pictures.

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