Friday, June 1, 2012

We love Friday's...

 Friday's are a little more relaxed, less structured, and more free play. We love Friday's.
This morning the kids worked together to build tents, then played house, then jungle. They were busy!
 Little K was jabbering along as she read a book, I went to take her picture and of course she stopped and just smiled. Reading books is one of her favorite things to do!
 Gaby and L making an obstacle course outside. This was the fire pit. 
 It was a beautiful day. The big peanuts came in for restrooms and snacks only. Rest of the morning was spent running, getting dirty, and playing.
 L discussing the next step for their obstacles.
 My little poser...
 My little peanut that thinks she is grown... she is now fearless.
Saving the best for last... today we say good bye to one of our peanuts. I hate this part. We will miss seeing E everyday and the diva/sass that comes with her. She truly makes me laugh each day and will be missed. E's little life is a musical. She is forever bouncing around and singing. This morning during circle time, we all signed a frame and made her going away present. We love you E and hope you will come back to visit us.

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