Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catching up??

 A cute shot from this morning...

Seems like forever since I blogged, it has been forever, like an entire week.

The kids are doing camp this week, and I have gotten to hang out at church to help as their health person- I am no where close to being in the health profession but they needed someone who has been through classes like first aid and CPR. It's been a blast to see the kids and leaders in action. However, I am more then ready for a normal week next week. I don't like being away from home this much.

Gaby has had a huge couple of weeks... I will sure more pictures soon. She is growing up, staying away from home for 6 days, and being baptized. I am proud of her- I see so much of my husband in her, simply amazing. 

We stopped at my friends garage sale last night for a sneak peek. I bought some fun magnet letters for daycare, however Kenni thinks they are hers, whatever.

My mom and sister in law ordered these cool books called , "Smash Books". They are a neat journal/scrapbook type books. Gaby started putting her post card collection in hers and Kadyn is journaling about her days at camp. It also came with a glue and writing pen. Super cute gift idea.

In a nutshell, that is what we are up too.... exciting, huh?! I hope to have more updates soon.

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