Thursday, June 7, 2012

more ramblings...

I will not confirm or deny that I had donuts for lunch. One of my besties brought them by to me out of the blue. How did she know it was eat an "3 donuts for lunch" kinda day? It's not a bad day by any means... I don't allow for those days, but it was just an "eat donuts for lunch" day. What awesome friends I have. Thanks Amanda for thinking of me and making the trip over! You Rock sister friend.

Full house today... summer is like that. Today I am busting at the seems and yesterday I had three. Out of all the days of the week, we have a full house maybe one day. Love how that works out. It was an awesome morning to play outside. So we took advantage of the cooler temp, shaded back yard, and played. I know it isn't a structured day but I guess I don't see what's wrong in doing lessons after lunch when it is wicked hot vs. in the morning when we should be playing. I love being outside... and the kids do too. Today the older peanuts played dodge ball. Love it!

I miss my Gaby. I know you already know that but in case you missed it. I miss her. I have only gotten to talk to her once since we dropped her off on Sunday night. I keep telling myself that if there was something wrong, if she wasn't having a fun time, or if she was super home sick... the camp would call. I am trusting God on this. I know He is watching over Gaby and she is fine. I pray this week is a life moment for her. Something she will remember for years to come. I want her to look back on this week and have great memories.

I am thinking of switching up the hair style again. I have had super short hair for 6 months, which is a long time for me to stick to the same cut. I need to get a trim but I want to have a plan for when I go in. Hmmmm. This is a big thing. 

My mom comes back tonight. Last weekend she went to my brother and sister in laws house in KC for a few days. Things were kinda building up between us and it was a good time to have her go and visit for a while. Even though most days I don't care that my mom lives with us, we all needed a break. There are still times we don't see eye to eye on things, there are times she tries to parent me still, there are times I am not patient with her, and there are times we just need time away.

While she was gone I worked on her room. I don't know if it is a stroke thing or a mom thing but she never cleans her room. At risk of my sounding like her parent and saying, " you need to clean your room, mom". I just let it go. It's not worth fighting over. Looking back at our home growing up, my mom never kept a tip top house. So maybe having a clean and picked up room isn't a big deal to her. Anyway- I cleaned out her room, washed all the bedding, caught her laundry up, put all of her pictures into collage frames, bought pink baskets and organizing cubes. I hope now that her room is picked up and looks nice maybe she will make the effort to keep it that way. One can hope.

Total God thing happened this morning. I was paying bills and balancing our checkbook. We have tags due this month, extra money is going out for food/snacks for daycare and kids have a couple summer events we are paying for. I thought to myself, "wow, we are totally tight this month and I have to do my big walmart trip tonight". I was stressing out a little. I went to my wallet and grabbed all the receipts so I can make sure they were getting accounted for. I checked the outside pocket and found two pieces of paper. I opened them up and found two checks I had not deposited. Wow. What a cool thing to have had happen. That totally made my morning and helped our super tight week- now we can eat tomorrow and not have bread and butter...Just kidding! But like I said, total God thing!

I have a headache today. I don't like it. It slows me down and kinda makes me lazy and grumpy. So, after I am finished posting this, I am going to sit and read my book for a while. Then maybe I will find my motivation to meal plan and prep for my big grocery store trip.

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