Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Dance Party...

 My favorite picture of the night... Kadyn showing off some moves.
Showing off what is like to be a child, dancing her heart out, and not caring who is watching her.
Love this picture, love this kid.
 My mom joined us outside to watch the 3 peanut dancers. I had my ipad outside and downloaded some songs for them. They thought it was the coolest thing ever. Mia had fallen down, was snuggling with Grammy, and with no nap today, almost fell asleep in Grammy's hold.

 Kendal's favorite song is "Hello". It came up on my playlist- she grabbed my mom's walking cane and started singing into it. Totally cracking us up.

 After her karaoke, she sat in my lap for a while... so we took a picture.

 My little pixie. After Mia and Kadyn came outside to dance in their jazz shoes, Kenni followed out in a pair of Mia's old ballet shoes. She loves to dance... can't wait until August when she starts her creative movement class. Go Kenni Go!
My dancing queens in the drive way...

Tonight we wait for Gaby to come home. To keep us busy, the younger three girls hung outside playing, singing, and dancing. This made my heart smile. I remember being Kadyn's age, and performing on our porch at the house I grew up in. Watching my kids act so carefree, so full of spunk, and full of smiles was just a A+ parent memory for me. Loved tonight, love my peanuts, love being their mom!

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