Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I should have shaved my legs...

 I should have shaved my legs for Kadyn and I's night out. Yes! I was wearing shorts today- it was hot. I remember thinking when I woke up, "if I wear shorts today, I should shave my legs". The morning started, daycare kids came, and I never shaved my legs.

After the last kiddo left, Kadyn and I had plans for tonight. We started out at, "Charm Nails". When we first walked in a lady greeted us. To be honest, I couldn't understand her but by her gestures figured out what we were supposed to do.

Kadyn and I were giddy. Kk has never had a pedicure and I have not had one in a long time. We picked out our colors and sat down in the chairs. We waited long enough for me to look down and realize, "Wow, I really should have shaved my legs".

I looked down thinking, maybe it won't be that bad- it is just a pedicure, not a leg"icure". Maybe he won't HAVE to touch my legs. The gal that greeted us, came over to Kadyn. The entire time we were here, Kadyn had this huge smile on her face.  The nice gal ended up painting Kadyn's nails as we soaked our feet. This was a bonus for K. She laughed and giggled as the hot water swirled around. And for a short time my attention was on Kadyn and her joy not on my hairy legs.

After we had our feet in the water, a gentlemen came over and started the whole pedicure treatment on me. I was watching Kadyn and laughing at all of her expressions. Then I am noticing all the massaging and the touching that the gal is doing to Kadyn.... oh crap, "why didn't I shave my legs??". 
I could feel my face turning red. I didn't have smooth legs, this dude was gonna touch my legs, and I couldn't understand what he was saying to me. Sigh. There went my relaxing pedicure. At one point, the guy told me very sternly to, "relax"- that I understood.

I don't like to be touched, I hate feet, and now I know I am gonna get touched. I try to focus on Kadyn, she is giggling and still loving everything that is going on.

The next thing I know... I am being touched, by the dude, and I am lost in my own world. I don't care that my legs are hairy, I just don't want the guy to stop. He had magic hands or something. My legs felt great... like I just got touched and I don't want him to stop great! Finished by a hot good smelling towel rested on my hairy legs, I was melting.

Well, all things must come to an end. After he is done working on my legs, he paints my toes, and we are finished. Kadyn and I had a blast at "Charm Nails". She loved her blue color and her hand painted flowers. I loved my neon french pedicure as well.

We wrapped up our night by getting a happy meal and heading to Walmart. We had two birthday gifts to buy and beads/necklace kits for daycare. On the way home, Kadyn kept saying, "my favorite part of the night was my pedicure". What a sweet girl. I love one on one times with my kids. It is such a great reminder how blessed I am to be a part of these kids' life, and to always shave my legs.

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