Monday, June 18, 2012

Last week at camp

 Last week the kids went to TBC for Camp Kanakuk. Normally this camp is based out of Branson.  This was their a pilot year for this traveling program. They brought zip lines, trampolines, inflatables, games, water slides, archery, all to the church campus. The kids had a busy day of activities, story/song time, skits, and devotionals.

On the last day, the kids had tent awards. Parents went to the kids' assigned tents and heard what award each child received. The leaders gave each child a ribbon and a hand written note as to why the child received the award.
 Gaby and her tent....
 Kadyn and her leaders...
 After the tent awards were given, everyone piled into the church auditorium for K-life which is what the kids participated in everyday before camp was dismissed. On Friday, Gaby got the bumble bee award. It's kinda like a kid of the day thing- each day they had a hand full of kids receive this award. Gaby on stage getting her award.  
This camp was a great experience for the girls. They loved all of the activities and the busy day. They came home each night with new stories to tell, new chats to shout, and stories of Christ that were on their heart.

I am grateful for the experience that Gaby and Kadyn were allowed to have through this program.

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