Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Caterpillar to Butterfly...

 We welcomed a new summer theme this week... K and K playing a matching game during center time.
 Today we used paint and paper cups to make caterpillars for art. Everyone really got into the project, we had lots of caterpillars on our paper.
 Little A LOVES this toy. I keep them in a drawer in the TV stand. She knows how to pull it open and grab her toy each morning. The computer talks as you push the buttons, A giggles every time it talks back to her.
 Early morning outside time... we are reaching some yucky hot days now. We are getting as much playtime outside before we melt.

Self taken picture of Kenni, A and myself... I couldn't get A to look down for nothing.

Have a great Monday and check back often, thanks for reading about our peanut gallery!

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