Monday, June 18, 2012

little bit of this and that...

 Our laid back Saturday... playing with some legos. Gaby, Kk and Kenni were all playing then it ended up being just dad and Kenni. Then it was just dad. Never too grown up for legos.
 After no nap on Saturday, Kenni chilled out with the kindle fire... wearing her favorite winter hat.
 My husband being a goof... on the last day of camp we stopped at BK for a snack. We also had a church sermon series called, "Return of the Kings". I thought he should wear this yesterday.
 Today we are back to our normal daycare routine. Playtime, circle time, arts, science ect... ahhh. It feels good to be back to normal, with my little friends.

We didn't get to much of out theme last week so we are doubling up on some of our days. It's cowboy week. Yee Haw!  Today we made home cowboy hats and vests. The "big kids" like to sit at this table to work.
 My little peanuts like this table... :)

 Showing off her hat... still in progress.
 My happy little peanut. On a side note, we went by her house yesterday for a party. She had nothing to do with me, no smile, no giggle, no love. Today, perfectly fine- my happy little A.
Moving on to our vests... the little ones didn't do as much decorating as the big kids did. It was neat to see how much time they put into their cowboy vests.

Until tomorrow!

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