Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our morning

 Today was a big day for Kadyn. She started her first day of tutoring at her school. We didn't talk about it a lot since I wasn't sure how she would feel going to "school" during the summer. She only goes for 90 minutes and she is working with a teacher she already knows. After her first day she come happy and ready to go back tomorrow. I am grateful that she is able to get some extra help on her reading skills.

After she returned home, her tooth became more loose then before, barely hanging on. She finally had the nerve to just pull it out. She now has the tooth in a baggie, wrote a note to the tooth fairy, and won't let the baggie out of her hand.  Big day for the 7 year old!
This week we have been exploring bees and dandelions... I will admit, not my favorite lesson but we'll get through it. Today we made a fun morning snack of dandelion cookies. They are apple rice cakes, vanilla frosting, and cocoanut flakes that we dyed yellow. They were cute and yummy! 
 Speaking of yummy... we had one of Gaby's favorite lunches today. Fish sticks, mac and cheese, apple slices, and carrot sticks. Summer lunches are simple since I am feeding a full house.
 Working on our kite art. We started our project then played outside for a while. The kids voted to finish after rest time.
Today was deemed, "Best Lunch Ever" day. We are blessed to have such an awesome group here for the summer.

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