Friday, May 18, 2012

Just a Fluke???

When I first got married, I hated when people said to me, "It's just a Fluke" and chuckle. I have learned since then people say the craziest of things like, " are you going to try for that boy?" or " don't you know how that (kids) happens"? no matter what, I am used to it now.  I have learned to laugh about it too. And sometimes roll my eyes.

It's such a unique name.

But it is MY name. Our name. And to me, it means the world  to be a Fluke. Twelve years ago (this Saturday, 19th) Dustin and I combined our life's together. So young, so in love, so many mistakes already we made, and so broke. We went for it. Dustin was 20 and I was 21.

The day of our wedding I was so nervous. Not about getting married, just about the ceremony. I remember how my mom thought it was a huge deal for Dustin not to see me before the wedding. I remember taking pictures with our wedding party.  I remember my Grandpa Damron making the ceremony after being told he had lung cancer. I remember going to a room in our church just to get away from everyone. In that room, I requested Dustin. My mom wasn't happy that I wanted to see him before the wedding. I was in the verge of tears. I was uptight and he was cool and laid back as ever... in 12 years not much as changed. I remember planning our wedding on a strict budget. My parents did everything I asked for but we planned our entire affair for under 800.00. I remember our church going through a huge remodel and we were going to the be 2nd wedding to use the sanctuary. I remember our premarital counseling, and turning red when Pastor Jim said we didn't have to cover "sex topic" since Dustin and I agreed on our test. I remember saying a curse word while we were lighting our unity candle because the other candle fell, while on fire, rolling under the bible. I remember entering the church ceremony to a brass quintette made up of awesome musicians friends from Washburn. I remember my bridesmaid singing "Hey Mickey" to me moments before walking down the isle to calm me from throwing up. I remember hitting up Walgreens downtown after our wedding, in our tux and dress, to buy a wine bottle opener. I remember the strange looks we got in the store.

Most of all I remember the feeling I felt when I saw Dustin at the end of the long isle. He looked hot. He looked young, he was young.  We didn't know what we were getting into. We just loved each other! We had not a care in the world. I remember fighting back tears but when my dad let my hand go into his, I couldn't fight anymore. I was crying.

I was his and he was mine.

Twelve years together. And I am still a Fluke. I still hold my name close and dear to my heart. Never wanting to let it go. I love what it represents. Dustin and I have encountered a lot in our twelve years of marriage. He is always strong when I needed and their for our family as a husband and father. He is a reminder to me to dream big and do not settle as he works towards goals in his coffee business. Dustin is a role model to me and others around. 

I love his smile. I love our late night chats after the kids are in bed. Running through our day, catching up, giggling, and connecting. I love that we can talk and make up. I love he can say the right thing when I need to hear it. I love that he loves me for me. Nothing more and Nothing less.

 I love how I feel when he walks into a room. It resembles the feeling the day I walked down the isle. I cherish our  friendship, marriage and our family that God has given us.

I am in love with a Fluke. 
Mr. Fluke. 

Thank you for asking me out 15 years ago. 
Thank you for making me a Fluke.
Happy 12th Anniversary to the coolest guy I know. 
You Rock!

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