Monday, May 21, 2012

My little set of K's...

 Almost every day we put our dance practice DVD's in so Mia and Kadyn could practice. Almost every day Kenni would get this dress on, her princess dress up shoes, and dance with the girls.
 Kendal wore this dress to the recital and was the most perfect 2year old out there. She sat in her own chair with bright eyes as each group of kids came out and performed. She was so excited when she would see her friends dance. She would point to them and say," Ella, Ainsley, Kk and Mia" when they all came out.
 After the recital, we were taking pictures. My future dancer wanted to be in the spotlight too. She is on the stage and was posing.
 She wanted to be a big girl...

She actually stole the dress from Kadyn. Here is Kk posing too, I wonder where Kenni gets it from??

 So fun to look back and see Kadyn wearing the same dress that is so loved by Kenni.
And doing some of the same cheesy poses... My perfect little set of K's.

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