Tuesday, May 15, 2012

iphone pictures...

 Saturday morning isn't for cartoons anymore. I couldn't even tell you what cartoons are even on. After a crazy bed time the night before I was glad to have a couple of moments of peace. Everyone had some time of technology going. Wrong or right??? I don't know. But on a lazy Saturday morning, I'll take it. 
 Our lazy morning continued, I am missing on peanut since he had a soccer tournament. The kids enjoyed playing with magnets.
 Then we moved on to playing dress up... when we finally packed everything up, we counted how many skirts Kenni had on at one time... all time record high of 7!
 Love this man... he build a small fire pit so the kids could roast their hotdogs. The kids loved it and we only lost 2 hot dogs into the fire. 
 Gaby's mother's day project... these are the gifts that I treasure, even though I think mom and dad day are lame. Honor, respect, and love your parents (and all people in your life) everyday! Nuff said. :)
 Kadyn's mom's day project... beware, I only laugh sometimes!
 Biggest bubble ever.... this kid is so cool!
 Yesterday was a victory, I had all 5 peanuts up, almost dressed, ready for school and eating breakfast at the same time. Last Friday, they all ate at different times. We got our groove on now!
I hate feet, so even typing about this picture grosses me out. While Kadyn was at dance, Mia and Ainsley and I went to Walmart for groceries. Mia picked out a huge can of ravioli. I protested, I told her we didn't need it. Somehow it still made it into the cart. After we get home, Dustin and I are unpacking the food. I am ready to see what this large can is and as I reach into the sack, it breaks. The can lands right onto my foot. I might have said a few swear words. The rest of the night I sat with frozen peas on it. This morning it still looks yucky and is very sore! Dang ravioli.

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