Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today feels like Friday but it's not...
It's Thursday.

We had a full house of kids this morning as the older peanuts are out of school until Tuesday. They get a 5 day weekend, I get a 2 day weekend. Not bitter or anything.

Actually, I'm not. I love having them home! Maybe not during nap time but the rest of the time, yes- I do!

I am grateful that I am still fitting in what was my loose jeans. This week has been completely 100% not normal and just like I normally do, I resort back to bad choices, not journaling, and not working out. Shesh! What a yucky cycle, sound like a broken record?? Oh well... forgive and forget and MOVE ON!

Dustin and I had a "business lunch" today. We talked about our calendars (since he uses a digital calendar and mine is still paper) and ate Chinese food. This was from my cookie- I kinda liked it- so I am sharing it!

As we speak, I am recharging, updating, and getting ready to put this bad boy back on. Again... it really does keep me moving for sure!!!
When we moved things around, the treadmill went out to the garage. I am getting excited because I want to do a morning workout and it'll be out where I can listen to music and no one can hear me thumping while I run or walk.

So... it's 5k season again. Next topic.

It seems like Friday... but it's not! Oh wait, I already addressed that. Three things I will not do next week that I did this week. 1) I will not buy "normal" cherry coke. It's like crack to me. I can't say no to it, and I keep wanting more and more even though I know how bad it is for me. 2) I will not get behind on my daycare food program paperwork. I normally do it before kids get here in the am and I just didn't. Had to play catch up today. 3) I will not allow myself to stress over things I can not control. God is in control and there is no use in me trying to take it over. It's all God's plans for my peanuts and our family!

Balloons make me happy! Ever since I can remember I have always loved balloons. These came from the kids' valentine deliveries. But, during the daycare day, they camp out in my room so the kids don't fight over them- I just love them in here. They are so fun to look at!

During the winter it is so hard to keep my entry way cleaned. Most days I just give up trying but today I picked up shoes... that led to cleaning off all the coat hooks... which lead to sweeping off the stairs... which lead to washing the rug... which lead to sweeping and mopping the titles... which lead to cleaning the windows... which led to washing the glass door... which lead to mopping the kitchen... which lead to mopping the bathroom... which lead to cleaning the bathroom toilet... which led to cleaning the mirror... which led to the counter tops, then finally the tooth brush holders. But... I am so excited that my entry way looks nice. Well, for about a minute. As you can see, my 2 younger peanuts have already thrown their coats down.

Happy Friday... oh wait, I mean Thursday!!!