Thursday, February 9, 2012

A total blur... still cute...

Today I was on the verge of grumpy all day. It really changed minute to minute to minute if I was happy or grumpy. Ever have days like that?

The last three days I have been horrible on my food consumption. I really was just hungry all day and I stopped worrying about what I was eating. It's okay though, I think I am over it. And now, I am undoing my 3 days worth of damage. Yikes. I hope some day I will be able to to handle stress in my life without turning to food. But until then, I will always have bad days- lucky it was only three days.

I love being a stay at home momma and an outside the house momma too! What an awesome opportunity I have been given. I love getting to experience both worlds, however, after my 2 mornings "at work" I am always glad to be home. I have realized that even on my worst daycare days, I could never work outside of the home full time. I love my daily school, work, momma, wife, daycare kids routine to ever leave my children and home. I also love working with our nursery program, the gals that work with the kids, and the families I get to see each week. It's totally a God thing how I get the honor to do both jobs!!!

Had a nice dinner out... my hubs fixed dinner for him and the kids. I ate out. I felt bad for a half of a second. I got to have a dinner with a great friend- our kids go to the same school, church, and her son(s) will be marrying into my family! I treasure mommy night outs. I find the people that I am drawn to for friendships are a lot like me. Busy mommies, kids, crazy schedules, and that makes it hard to get out. But... we do it... we need to... we have to stay sane so we can be good mommies, wife's, keeper of the crazy schedules. I give a lot of praise to Dustin, who supports my mom time out, and never makes me feel bad for going out!

Have you ever been super stressed over silly things and then know they are silly things but still stress over them??? Yea, me either! Mia has her big girl preschool screening tomorrow. I think she is perfect- most days, some days, I mean maybe on Friday's... but still, it is a screening, she is getting judged, she has to perform, and do well. And let's face it... it's Mia, she will do well if she wants to do well, or she will suck and it will be her choice to suck. So... we'll see what happens. I have been stressing over this for some time now. Because I am one ball of nerves, I begged for Dustin to take her. This year- I just can't do it. Silly??? Maybe... It's preschool, It's Mia... and It's emotional for me!

I haven't been talking as many pictures... what's up with that??? Hopefully I get back on track for that. We are still doing fun things for daycare- but a lot of reviewing, so not as much to capture I guess...??!!

I am kinda over watching TV... lately when I get home my TV shows (American Idol and Biggest Loser) haven't taped. So I crawl into bed and (still) watch Friends.

So, in 2 weeks I will be doing something I never thought I would be doing... I am going to our church's woman's' retreat! This well be an experience for sure. If you're lucky, I'll even blog about it! I have never been the camp out, spend the night, stay up all night telling deep secrets type of person...I know, I think I just stereo typed a lot there, sorry! But, maybe a little part of me is looking forward to it. After all, 24 hours with out kids... :)

Anyway... there are some ramblings for the night... and a cute picture of Kenni watching around in my miss matched tennis shoes. Why is kids walking around in our shoes such a cute thing?? I don't know, but it is!

A total blur... still cute!

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