Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love baby feet....

but I guess they aren't so baby like anymore... My 2 youngest peanuts seem so big to me today. But I still like their little feet! They are so cute at this age.
Maybe Kenni seems big to me because she is talking so much, says so many things, throws so many fits out of frustration, and is meaningful with her actions. But... I still lover her little feet!

Kenni never walks any more... she runs. Runs to the books, or toys. Runs from her mom and her sisters. Runs into our arms when we enter a room.

Kenni seems older to me... she is older now. She is two. A toddler. A little person who can't always express herself but knows what she is after.

My little peanut... with little feet... that I love!

Then there is Mia. Who is just growing up. A little less "2"ish, because now she is three. I thought Mia and I would never make it to three- she is my child, stubborn fits of rage. Then next minute is in my arms telling me how much she loves me. She is loosing her cheeks, which makes me think she is growing up even more.

Mia wants to be grown... she loves Kadyn's old DS that doesn't have sound but still cries when she can't "win" the game.
Maybe it's because we are discussing preschool for Mia that makes me think she is growing up. I only have one more year at home with her- that makes me sad. Mia is my peanut... and she still has little feet. For just a while longer!

When Mia is sitting with me, I rub the top of her baby, I mean, 3 year old feet. It is soothing for both of us. On her "non nap" days, I get more cuddles then normal. She loves to have her toe nails painted too!
Mia hates wearing shoes... wherever she goes, she'll kick her shoes off and make her self at home. That is just per personality! Her personality is growing up.

But no matter how big they get... they will always be my peanuts! I will always love their little feet! I just wished they stayed little a little longer! They grow way too fast!