Monday, February 13, 2012

Feeling Fine... and Valentine's!

This week we are exploring "Dental Health" activities as well as preparing for Valentine's Day tomorrow. In all the years I have been doing daycare, I must admit, dental week is one of my favorites. There are SO many cute things to do.

Today we decorated our card holders... we started by writing our own names.

It takes a lot of thought...

Then we glued hearts on and used stickers as the final step...

Even the small peanuts enjoyed using stickers... great fine motor practice as well.

This might be one of my new favorite activity. The egg cartons were our teeth and the white/blue paint was the toothpaste.

We used toothbrushes to "brush" our teeth. We had to make sure we brushed on the sides, in between, on top... everywhere. It was a good teaching tool as well- it is important to brush everywhere not just the tops of our teeth.

Our story of the week... every year I get a dental kit from Colgate, another reason I LOVE this week. It has a DVD, CD, toothbrushes, and fun dental games to play. It is a free program I signed up for 3 years ago. Such a cool program....

Lastly, my favorite learning prop. I bought our teeth prop with one of my first grants. We use it 1-2x a year but I still LOVE them. I know, it's a little silly but they are really cool to demonstrate brushing and proper oral hygiene!

Ahh, dental week... how I love thee!