Monday, February 13, 2012

iphone pictures...

Yep! I am sporting Dustin's wii pj paints. Him and Gaby have a matching pair. I stole them because I can not seem to get warm today. I know, you love the socks too!

Kenni and I watching the Grammy's last night... I think we are also sporting the same hair style too!

Cute little peanuts... the Kindle Fire brings such peace and happiness.

Kenni LOVES books! She is "reading" her favorite baby book. Her favorite page is when the baby goes, "nite nite".

Kadyn and I started reading, "Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo". Kadyn isn't ready chapter books yet, but this gives her and I some time to snuggle and read together. We just finished our first book. I was looking to see what others I could order when I went into Gaby's room to organize her books, and found 2 more. I am so excited. It's a cute little series. It's one we can grow with- I am reading to her now, but soon, Kk will be reading them to me.

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