Thursday, July 5, 2012

iphone pictures

 July 3rd... the after. We had a ditch of mess to clean up. We had everyone involved and it didn't take too long. Picking up after isn't as fun as watching the show.
 I was helping too... and documenting our mess. I picked the wrong shirt to clean up in as I had black junk on my shirt from where I had wiped my face off. It was hot outside.
 Three out of the four peanuts. After a late night before, we got up and ready for our neighborhood parade. The girls reused some dance recital outfits. Because our time was spent preparing for the 3rd, we jumped on a trailer that was already decorated by our neighbors across the street.  Win for everyone. This was Gaby's first year to sit out and watch the parade instead of being in it. She was tired.  
 I made a diet strawberry jello cake. I tried the recipe out the day before. Within 30 minutes of it being ready, this was all we had left. It was a yummy treat. Luckily I bought enough ingredients to make another one for the 3rd.
 My sunburnt leg last week. I had covered my top but not my legs. Normally I am in the pool all the time. Last week I sat out on the edge as Kendal played on the pool stairs. It was a little painful day II. Lessened learned!
 Last week we took some friends to the pool. The kids LOVED having their friends visit with them, it was a great time of swimming and had lots of room to play.
Kendal's Walmart swim suit. I love the color- she looks so cute wearing it.

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