Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No A/C...

 Sunday after church we came home to a hot house. We have had some problems this summer with our unit however been lucky that it has broke on a week day. Sunday night we called the home warranty company and installed our two window units. Sunday night we had three out of the four peanuts on our bedroom floor sleeping.  The kids enjoyed sleeping in our room.

 Yesterday we had the repair people out. They were awesome and came first thing that morning. We were so thankful. After about an hour and trying a couple of things, the repair man declared our central air dead. Good news is the home warranty is covering our repairs, bad news is we have to wait until the warranty company mails the parts to the repair man.

Praises that the hottest part of the day happens at the very end of the daycare day. We are able to keep things somewhat not horrible hot. After finding out it could be up to a week without our unit, we decided to purchase a portable unit to help cool the living room/dining room/kitchen area. After Dustin spent all afternoon and evening getting this thing set up we felt no difference in the room temperature. This unit was a huge investment and we ended up taking it back early this morning.

This morning Dustin and I were super bummed. My poor hubby has done everything in his power the last two days to keep everyone comfortable and cool. We both woke up on edge as we hoped and prayed the store would take back this portable unit and we could find a window unit powerful enough to cool our space for our daycare children. I mean really, what did we do before AC?
 Dustin's creative set up to vent out the portable unit... such a disappointment...
Our last hope... the store took back the other unit and we bought this one. Dustin is trying to instal it as I blog right now. It will be a tight fit and I am praying that it will work and we can adjust our budget for this purchase.

What's the big deal really? It wouldn't be that bad not to have AC for a week. Why I agree. I don't care if I sweat or am hot. But I could tell our peanuts were on edge last night as the house peaked in hottest as I baked our dinner for only ten minutes. And while Dustin and I don't mind waiting it out, we have to make sure daycare kids are comfortable. We have temperature guidelines and I won't compromise their safety. So... there is our ac drama for the week. I am signing off to see how Dustin's progress is... say a little prayer! ;)

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