Thursday, July 5, 2012

ending with a bang!

 After swimming, we came home and blew some things up. Early evening was spent with Dustin and the peanuts. He loves this time. I love watching this time with my family. (I am not a fireworks person but love that our kids love doing it with D.) Mia loved the 5-minute smoke bombs.

 Kadyn showing Mia the ropes. We had pretty good weather for the most part. It was pretty dry and hot but still made for a great time.

 Kenni tried really hard to like the fireworks. Monday night the kids set some things off and she sat in my lap shaking on the verge of tears. Tuesday she did pretty well, sitting and watching them. Tuesday night she made it through two of Dustin's songs before needing to go inside. We were up close and it was loud. Being the A+ mom that I was, I threw her to my sis in law so I could still see Dustin's show. By Wednesday she was getting more and more comfortable with the noise and would even get closer to them. Never once wanted to set them off though... Next year will probably be her big year!

 Gaby is pretty much on her own for lighting stuff off. Next year, we need to add a line item in out budget for Gaby and her own fireworks. She even offered to start doing more work around the house to earn firework money! We'll see how long that lasts.

 My husband is such a big kid. After we came home from the lake firework show, it was late and the little kids needed to get to bed. I asked Dustin if he was coming in or staying out to do more. His reply, " If the kids are going to bed, I'll come in too, it just isn't as fun if they aren't out here with me". So, the older peanuts had an extended bed time to stay outside with Dustin. They can catch up on sleep tomorrow- he was busy making memories with his girls. Gaby and Kadyn even helped to make their first fireball. Awe, milestones!
 Kadyn found a few flying pretty ones that she liked. By the end of the night when others would shot off, she could ramble off their name. She is becoming very knowable of fireworks. 
 Gaby and a neighbor friend went through 3 BOXES, not packages, boxes of smokeballs. They were cracking me up! 
 The younger two took a brake to cool off and watch a show... too cute!
Dustin and the peanuts.... Another July 4th under our belt! Until Next Year!

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