Monday, July 16, 2012

just a few random thoughts

Yesterday was a crazy day. It was one I would not like to repeat- I was on the verge of tears all day. I don't know why, well, I do know why. It was just little things nagging at me. (Computers at church not working, the hallway by nursery being so flippin' hot, trying to work in a Jazz class, getting kids ready for camp ect ) However, I am grateful I got my workout in and my trip to walmart completed. I felt better after tackling these two things. The night ended watching one of my favorite tv shows with Dustin. I am glad today is a new day. I can't wait to see what the day holds.

Gaby is going to space camp this week. I might be more excited then she is. It is located at Forbes Field and appears to be a very cool program for older kids. I can't wait to have her back and see how her day was. She has a couple of friends from church attending this week and I hope she makes a few new friends too.

Kadyn is going to camp this week as well. She is attending Back to Nature camp at Gage Park. She is going with her best friend and she couldn't be more excited. Kadyn's friend is moving in two weeks. She realizes this is happening and really wanted this time to be with him. She is already planning her first trip to visit after he is gone. He has been a good friend to her and I am grateful she has had this relationship in her life.

Dustin is still tackling the house. I have much admiration for this man. Not because I love him and he is my hubby, and I think he is kinda cute but for his hard work and determination. Our house is going to look great when it is done. What seemed like a simple project has moved onto being a summer project. He has never given up, been in a bad mood, or asked to have it done by professionals. He has repaired and replaced over half of our siding, repaired windows, primed and scrapped trim, and now has started the painting process. He has worked long hours during the hottest parts of the day so we can have a nice looking house. For this, I am so beyond grateful for my husband, who takes everything he does, and give 110%.

I am trying to earn a Jazzercise shirt this summer. My partner and I have to attend 60 classes between June and July. We are very close. We started late but have really made up for it. I am praying they still have shirts left when we complete the challenge. It has been a good motivator to go when I really want to stay home. If we both attend this week, we should have it by Saturday, I think. I am excited.

I haven't weighed in since July 1st. I am giving up on the scale controlling how I eat and exercise.  I will weigh in on the 1st each month. I am keeping my food records using my fitness pal (logged for for over 20 days now...yippy) and working out 6 days a week. I am keeping it simple, doing what I love to do, and not worrying about my scale every week.

I am happy for having lots of chewing gum today. We had a training and I have the left over chips and m&m's in my house. Because I have the gum, I am not tempted to be in the kitchen snacking on the yucky stuff. Luckily after lunch the chips will be gone (kids can have them).

I am already looking ahead to fall. I had my meltdown as our family calendar looks so full already. The kids have always done one activity and then our church activities. By always being on the run during the school year we have not focused on our children and their education/homework as we should have. I have great guilt over this and realize we have to change our pattern or our kids will suffer. We need a more structure evening time so reading out loud, practicing math facts ect don't get put off to the last minute or forgotten. While Kadyn was in tutoring this summer we learned some things about her. She can read, she understands what she is reading however she does not retain what she is doing. To overcome this we need to be working with her non stop. She isn't too far behind on her reading skills however I don't want her to go into the 2nd grade at a disadvantage.

Knowing we needed some more time at home we chose to back out of our small group. We have made some awesome friends and it was  tough choice for us to make. This will ensure our family to be home by 6:00pm every Tuesday. Plus it opens a spot for another young couple to have some of the experiences we have had through this group.

I am also looking for a co-director for our church Cubbie group. I love our Awana ministry. Every week going to see 80+ preschoolers learn about Jesus, worship, and listen to God's truth is a very humbling experience. But to do it well and maintain their attention for the evening, it takes planning and time. I am praying the right person will come to the program to help share the load.

We just received the district school calendar for the 2012-2013 school year. Really? Am I old enough to have a 5th grader, 2nd grader, and a preschooler all at the same school? I am just shaking my head at the fact that Gaby has only 2 more years at her current school. The day she enters middle school I guarantee you I will be a hot mess. Consider yourself warned... you have two years to plan not to be in contact with me that day.

I have been reading a lot lately. So much that some of my household chores were not getting done on top of summer laziness. So I made myself a deal that I couldn't read until I completed my chores and lists first. I need to keep focus sometimes. 

I am happy for my few minutes before everyone wakes up so I can blog, ramble, share my thoughts... whatever this is. It's time to get the kids' lunch packed and start a week of camps.

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