Sunday, July 15, 2012

CPR time...

 It was time to get a little training done... the awesome nursery staff spent entire day working on their CPR and First Aid training. It went by fast but I know we would all rather be doing something then training on a Saturday. Some of the staff volunteering. 
 Dustin came too. Since he fills in at our home daycare, Dustin needed the training too. I tell ya, an entire day without kids and we spend it together at CPR/First Aid. Do we know how to party or what/ Actually, I was glad he was there- it's nice to have someone to chat with and make jokes to.

 Getting our mouth to mouth on...
 I love how A is paying such great attention, unlike me who is taking pictures.

 Awe, training is so much fun!
A huge thanks to all these gals who spent their Saturday with me. I love getting to work with a great group of woman who love our babies at the church nursery!

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