Monday, December 20, 2010

Our weekend...

seem to once again come and go. I really can not wrap my head around the fact that Christmas Eve (when my family comes over) is 4 days away. I always say, "where has December gone?".

This weekend was no slower then any other of our December days. Gaby had a Girl Scout meeting right after school. I baked cookies for one of their stations which was fun but an added "to-do". After her meeting, she had a ceremony at 5:30. We also had a Small Group Christmas party as well. So, Dustin stayed with the other kids, I ran to the school watched the ceremony, she got her badges, and we ducked out a little early.
We run home, threw the kids in the car, got our white elephant gift, and went on our way.
Let me back up. White Elephant gifts just scare me. I don't keep a lot of clutter or old junk around the house just because we have 7 people in a 4 bedroom house. So, the night before we ran to the flea market (again another experience I won't go into), and pick out this beauty! A 1992 hallmark ornament display that still would light up and the dog still chased around the house! AWESOME. So... here we are giggling and laughing about this display!
The kids all exchange 1.00 gifts, and they love it. Simple and fun! And yes, there are a lot of kids. On average, each couple has 3 kids, we are odd couple with 4.
Saturday was a day of running around as well. Kadyn had dance class, both kids had a birthday party to go to, then Gaby went with her grandpa to see "Annie". Since Gaby got to leave to do something fun, we took the other 3 to eat at Kadyn's favorite Mexican restaurant up the street. After we came home, we got cuddly and watched a movie. Out of the 3 of us, I fell sleep about 5 minutes after the movie started. It was fun to get some cuddle time in when I can.

Sunday was a stay at home day. We went to church, had lunch, played outside and relaxed. I think I relaxed a little too much because I left the house a mess for myself this morning. I never do that. I must be denial about working this week.
In fact, I know I am. Dustin is off Thursday (getting his car finally fixed) and Friday. And, I thought I was too. Bummer. I had already made plans for things to get picked up for Christmas Eve and running around. So, I will still be doing that just with some help of my sub. Kinda sucks to think you have that day then don't. But... it is still a short work week so I am looking forward to that!
Does anyone else have the problem of weekends going by way too fast or is it just me??? Hope you are looking forward to Christmas and have some time to relax too!

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