Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Party...

Today we had our Christmas party. We had some good ol' friends come to visit for our party... here is our crew!

We played holiday hide and seek (which is no different from hide and seek) and can you see who the trouble maker is??? Yes, that would be my kid climbing on the couch doing what she not supposed to be doing.

Then we had some AWESOME treats... we had Christmas tree cookies, snowman cookies, cookies, rice krispies treat, white chocolate popcorn, carpi suns, and little hotdogs... we ate, ate, and ate some more! Then for lunch we had Pizza Hut... a fun treat!

Now to the important part- the gifts. We tried reading stories and doing a craft. They were not interested. So we skipped to the gifts and called it good! The babies went first!

Now the big kids... so very excited!

More snacks....

Showing off our gifts... the girls got dolls that you can change their outfits... and the boys got pirate ships or robot looking figure thing...

Lots of smiles today!

Lots of hugs and thank yous!!!

Lots of time spent getting all these stinkin' toys out of their boxes...

But so worth it... to see them play and have fun with their new toy!

Merry Christmas from the Peanut Gallery Daycare!

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