Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Daddy Cakes... Yummo!

Day 1 of vacation week was spent cleaning, doing daycare paperwork, taking care of Dustin (sick), and catching up on "the list".

Day 2 of vacation week was spent running around with my girls. Dustin worked a half day and is feeling better. So got out for a while...
We started out at Target. They had the "Valentine Glee" CD for 5.00 and it was released today. They also had some Christmas totes I needed for bulbs but were already out of those. After our run into Target we went for a special snack. Daddy Cakes.
I had heard about this bakery but never have been there. I also saw them on "Cupcake Wars" a few months ago. What a fun place to visit...

The girls outside of the shop...
The kids had a blast picking out their cupcakes... I could have gotten about 4 but limited myself to only 1.
Everyone had a different cupcake; KK had a white cupcake with sprinkles. Mia had a strawberry one with pink frosting. Gaby chose a death by chocolate one. And Kenni and I shared a carrot cake cup cake! They were all awesome! (Yes, we have 2 to go- it was for my mom and Dustin... not me)
They had several cool things for the kids... one being this mental wall with letters.

To top our morning off- we went to the car wash... the kids loved it, until I vacuumed the van out and Mia freaked out. But other then that- a fun morning had by all!!!

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Danna and Kirk said...

We love going to Daddy Cakes. Adison's favorite is the carrot cake too!