Wednesday, December 15, 2010

hitting a milestone...

October 4th
December 15th (forgot to take last week when I hit the milestone... )
20lbs in 2 months.

I did a mid week weigh in today and I am doing good- on track for the week. I am excited because last week Dustin and I spent our Olive Garden gift card and had a nice dinner. I saved points and ate power foods that morning so I was eating but not using a lot of points.
I went and got a shirt for 8.00 in a smaller size for our Christmas gatherings, I am so excited I was able to buy the smaller size again. I am getting close to where I was when I left off due to being preggers. The goal is in reach and I want it now more then ever. Last night I had my first of many holidays dinners/gatherings. I was excited, I ate what I wanted but I took the breading off the meat, ate the veggies first, had water with the meal and ate the mashed potatoes. It was a successful dinner. Now if I can only keep up the motivation. This week I have felt the need to snack more when I am not hungry. I have drank so much water and went through 3 packs a gum to help avoid the snacking. My holiday shirt was a pretty good boost that I needed!

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