Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Drive in

 Last Friday night we made the trek to KC to the drive in movie theater. Dustin and the kids had never been. We had awesome cool weather to camp out. We saw, "Earth to Echo" and "Dawn of the Apes" or whatever. The kids (and I) fell asleep while D and Gaby watched the second movie. It was a fun time and can't wait to do it again! I wish Topeka still had one.
 It also had some old school play equipment. We got there early so we could hang out and play.
 We made it work... we started out with the back van seat folded down, but for the second movie we just took the seat out allowing for lots more snuggle and sleep room. Everyone was happy.

 As it got dark, they had a camera on the building showing all the people and kids dancing. My peeps joined in on the fun!

I might have a food addiction.... Shocker! They had the BEST funnel cakes. I ate hardly nothing so I could have some treats... it paid off!!!!

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