Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Everything is AWESOME!

 It is absolutely beautiful out this morning. We did our art super early so we could get outside and take advantage.

 Poor D... still working hard on our new play area. It's been a combo of not having a block of time to work on it and making adjustments for our hilly backyard. Today he is doing the wobbly bridge!
Can't wait to see it all together!!!

 My little non walker loves being outside. Love this face!
 Kids decorating the side walk. And Deck.
 A little more cuteness... So funny to watch these two together- sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not!
 Before the bus got moved upstairs... they looked a little sad.
 Chalk time.
 Playing. In a world of their own. I love their imagination.

"Waura... take our picture".

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