Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Misc and our weekend in KC

 Saturday night, my sister in law, Amy and I took the older girls and my niece to see, "Jospesh and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" at Starlite. Dustin and I were given 2 free tickets and went on Wednesday, I had a blast and we got cheap tickets for Gaby and Kadyn to go. It was a blast. Kadyn's first comment was, "mom, are all they going to do is sing?".

 Amy had 2 bicyclers however I never got to use them because Kk and Reese did...the entire show!

 (Out of order) Kadyn has been a champ reading almost every day of summer break. At night we had been reading together, out loud. However, I started her on a book independently. Two nights ago she finished her book and could tell me what each chapter was about. I am so excited for her. This is a huge step in the right direction. She is super close to being caught up and I hope she continues to make progress. Love this girl and her determination. She has had a great teacher and reading coach(s) that has made her want to work hard!!!

 Since Wednesday night, I can not get these songs out of my head. So, I downloaded the musical. Now I can jam to it anytime.

 We were in KC for my nephew's birthday party, it was at Comic Jump. Gaby had a blast there- they had dodge ball and basketball all on trampolines.
 Even Qman got in on the action...
 The birthday party.
 Quentin and the dodge ball pit.
Dustin stayed at my brother's house with Mia, Kendal, and Q while we were at the musical. When we got back, I saw the precious sight. 

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