Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monday and Tuesday

 Getting ready for circle time... we put on a song, "say hello to our friends", and the kids know to go to the carpet and start signing! :)
 These two... are big trouble... :) Just that age, getting into everything, taking everything, throwing everything and get mad if you try to say "no".
 We have been talking about travel this week... so we made up a story. I thought it would be a lot more silly but the kids actually came up with every good logical answers.

 Working on our art... sometimes the big one wants to participate. It doesn't happen very often so I enjoy it when it does!

 Everyone was here by 8am today so we worked on our lessons, art, and stories and headed outside to enjoy this amazing weather we are having.

 Yesterday we made airplanes. They are soaring through our daycare room for a while. 
 Love this lil one. He always looks so big to me when sitting at the toddler table. Love his smile and laid back nature. He is so much like his daddy-which brings me such great joy.

 Put out some new summer themed center/file folder games... always fun to watch them on the first day that these are out.
 working hard on our letters- even though our summer care is more laid back, we try to keep the kids reviewing especially the ones going to school this year! 
We are making it a great day!!!

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