Monday, May 27, 2013

Meet Baby #5...

May 12th... getting ready to check in at midnight to start the induction process. I was 37 weeks when we scheduled his birth.   

Dustin came up the next morning after kids were on their way to school and Grandma Dee had Kenni and Mia. We did the pill to soften my cervix and the medication to start the contractions. By 9:30am contractions were intense and I was only at a 2. By the time I reached a 4, it was around 6:00. I was frustrated, tired, hurting, and ready to be done. Later that evening, I got an epidural and was getting some relief. Around 10:30 pm, I was feeling some strong contractions but not needing to push. At 10:45 I was ready to get him out. I was at an 8. By 11:00 I was at a 10, the doctor just got into our room and I started pushing. I had 2 hard pushes and by the 3rd one Q was here at 11:05pm.

Our little man
Quentin Neal Fluke 

Getting to hold him minutes after his birth 

You can see that he looks like a Fluke. 

Dustin of course was so excited to meet his son. 

After his birth, he had to get his lungs checked out since he was early. He was doing some funky breathing when he first came out. Thankful he was okay. 

Our lil stud muffin.
Only minutes old but already so loved! 

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