Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Big changes

 Today Gaby got a hair cut... it was totally her choice, she thought about her choice for a long time, and she also decided to donate her hair. Because... 
 This is how short he hair is now... she looks so cute and so grown.

Today was "get the room projects done" day at the Fluke's. We re-did 5 spaces for all the kids!
 Quentin is now in Kendal's old room. New theme and new bedding. We bought cool boy frogs. We opted to keep the teal blue and just match the bedding. I love his new colors.

 Our newer basement space. Now that we have new exit windows installed, we can use this area again for daycare. So excited. We added some new toys and center activities.

 Gaby's room was re-arranged to fit her "new to us"  computer desk.
 This was my mom's old room. This was the biggest protect of all. We installed a safety window, painted the room 2 shades of purple, and laid down new carpet. Mia and Kendal are moving into this room. We ordered 2 twin beds and dressers to complete the "new room".
 The other side of the room...

 Kadyn now has a room to her room to her self. She wanted to keep the bunk beds and we added a art desk and red chair in her room. We still need to order her "peace signs" bedding.
 The downstairs bathroom... Added some color and frog theme for the girls.
 Kendal in her new bed. She sleeps with so many stuffed animals.
And Mia and her bed... they are excited to sleep in their new beds tonight.

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