Monday, May 27, 2013

meeting family

Early in the morning... snuggle time.

Since Quentin was born so late, the girls didn't get to meet him Monday night. We kept them home from school for a half day so we could have some family time. 
I love Gaby's big smile. She already has a special bond with this lil guy. She comes home from school and just hold him.

Our first picture with all 5 children. Such a blessing. 

Mia holding Q for the first time.

Kendal was cracking me up- she couldn't stop giggling. She loved holding Q and didn't want to give him back. 

Grandma Dee stayed with the little kids while we were in the hospital. She made sure Mia got to school and kept the kids fed and house kept up! Huge thank you for filling in for us! 

Our first family pic of all 7 of us! I love our big ol' family! 

Grammy and Papa came up to visit Tuesday as well...  

Dustin's dad and Amy stopped in as well. Quentin received lots of love his first 24 hours. 

After work, Aunt Kara came by too!


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