Friday, February 11, 2011

Excuse me...

by chance have you seen my motivation?

Yep! That is right, I have seemed to misplaced it. As I get closer to hitting a pretty big milestone the more and more I pull back and resort to my old eating habits. Does that seem crazy to anyone else but me?

It's like I know the milestone/goal is right around the corner and it seems to be a little... well scary! I feel like this week I have been fighting my inner demon or something. I feel emotional, scared, and overwhelmed. Which leads to eating, eating, and more eating.

You would think I would be pushing myself harder since I am close, but the opposite has happened, I worked out only 2 days and tracked food for only3 days. I feel like I am giving myself the okay to eat what I want and not workout- and that scares me. If I can talk myself into this funk and "it's okay to eat this" way of life so easily, I will never hit my goal. And my 60 lb. weight loss will be a gain before I know it!

So, anyway... what's the next step... I am calling for a do-over! It's okay to admit that it was a rough week, and now I have to fix it! I can not dwell on my bad choices, just choose to make better ones this week. To ensure I have a better week, I even wrote, "Work out" and "track food" on my beloved to-do list. It's all I can do, I could be super down on myself or chew up and spit it out! I choose to move on!

So, cheers to my do over! My new day is here and I am ready for it! That milestone will be mine!

(And, just because I can't post without a cute picture... I leave you with Kendal Wendal's foot... I love how all of my girls curl their toes in and point their big toe up- so cute! )

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