Monday, February 7, 2011

lil bit of this and that...

Yesterday after church, my rock star husband took G, K, and M to pizza hut to play for a few minutes and redeem their free pizza coupons. I had 30 minutes to myself to clean and was able to get so much done. It was nice to crank up my music and pick the house up so I wouldn't have to do it later!
This is my entry way--- I can not stand this! But, there isn't much to do since I clean it and 2 minutes later it is dirty from all the traffic. So, I just let it go and remind myself Spring will be here soon! I just hate all the extras that come with winter... boots, gloves (that we always lose one of), hats, scarfs, snow bibs ect. Whew- now I can move on, enough whining!
Getting ready for Super Bowl party... last night the fam went to a friends house to watch the game and hang out with our small group. We took beer bread, veggies, and ranch/spinach dip.
Okay- so maybe I wasn't done... I hate snow. I really can say that I don't enjoy it at all. I like that my kids like it but that is about it. Really! My backyard is still covered and I so function better when we can get outside, play, and run... and so do the daycare kids! Okay, really done now!

Wrapping it up... we had a fun and busy weekend. Looking forward to a new week and the blessing it brings!

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