Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break in a nutshell...

 During Spring Break we took a vacation to Dallas, Texas. We decided since we had Qman to stop half way, stay in a hotel, then drive the rest of the way the next day. Here was our first night. We were cozy for sure. We made sure each place had a pool to help wear the kids out.
 We stayed with family while we were in Texas. They have a guest house and the kids loved it.
 The best part about staying with our family, is that we had a hot tub to use. After long days, we would gather in the hot tub each evening.

 Our first day was spent at the Dallas Aquarium. We saw lots of fun fish, sharks, and animals.
 We had lunch at the aquarium.
 Mia with the sharks...
 One of my favorite pictures from the trip!
 Kadyn loves flamingos and elephants. She was excited to see them both while in Dallas.
 We went to a park in the downtown area, the park is built on top of the high way.
 We took a break from the park, and rode the free trolly around town.
 After the trolly ride the kids wanted to play in the fountains...
 Gaby and Qman...
 The next day was spent at the Dallas Zoo...
 The girls feed the birds.
 We even saw feeding time... yep. That's a mouse in his mouth.
 That evening we went to Reunion Tower.
 My view as the sun was going down.
 The kids had a blast on the observation deck.
 Our last full day was spent at the arboretum. It was Amazing. They have all these flowers and gardens. Then we went to the kids' part and had even more fun.
 This place was like an outside classroom... we learned about healthy eating, water, weather ect. It was a fun time.
 Our last day...
At the OK hotel coming back...swimming again!

We cam home Friday so we could have a couple days at home to relax and catch up on house duties. I am so glad we had the chance to go to Dallas. It was a great trip!!!

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