Monday, November 21, 2011

Total catch up post...

Last week, Gaby had a field trip to a one room school house here in town. They spent the entire day learning how to learn, "old school". She had to pack her lunch in a pail, and the food had to be authentic to the time period. Gaby thought it was cool because they did homework using real ink.

Gaby's Juniors ceremony. (Yes, she is in her PJ's, it was for a school spirit day and she forgot her other outfit at home.)

Hockey Time... We joined our in-laws for a RoadRunner's game after our early Thanksgiving dinner at their house. We are so cute...

This was Mia's second game. We lucked out because they were giving out free tee shirts. Before we got to the game I told Dustin, "We need to buy Mia a tee shirt because the one she is wearing is too short". The kid had her belly hanging out... shesh. Who let her out of the house that way???

It was Kendal's first game... she did really good but was a little scared when all the air horns went off. Kenni has the death grip on Dustin.

My cute little hockey fans...

My in laws host a hockey player, Andrew. He stays with them during the season- it was pretty cool to have him come over and sign the kids' shirts. Gaby was the most excited. She couldn't wait to wear it to school and show it off.

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