Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Tour

I will be the first to admit, last year I was the Christmas Grump. I didn't want to get a tree, decorate, or do lights. I really am not sure why I was just in a crazy grumpy place. Thank goodness I seem to be in a much better place this season. I took today to get out our inside decorations and get them up. They are simple, non traditional, bright and cheery! I love how it looks. Today was the decor- tomorrow we put the tree up.

As you walk up the stairs, you see the "fake" tree. Dustin would never allow us to have a fake tree as our family tree- he is kinda a tree snob. But, I wanted a "tree theme" so we will have 2 tress up this year. We made the wreath above it too- I bought garland at Hobby Lobby at 50% off but didn't end up using it so we wrapped it and hung it. It looks so bright and cheery... LOVE IT.

As you walk into our split level home, you will see this. My masterpiece from Pinterest. I have bulbs left over from last year. I made it using a wire hanger and bought the bow-again 50% off from HL. I am over the moon excited how it turned out.

Our entry way... lights, garland, wreath, and stockings. We do have a fireplace downstairs but I like hanging them here to show. We are missing the "N". While D was hanging lights he dropped it. The kids are so excited to see the stockings come out.

My new addition this year was the cone trees. I love how they complete the look. This display is on top of the TV stand.

More bright trees...

On top of the toy cubbies... We are ready for the holidays!

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