Monday, November 7, 2011

Short and sweet... 12x

Should I say one more time, I am having blogging issues? This is the 12x I have tried to post this. This time, it will be short and sweet so I can move on from Halloween. I am a little over it now that I have blogged it like 800 times! :)

Dustin and his friends from work all dressed up as the Geek Squad. They are the IT department which makes it that much cuter.
Let me just say, if this was what showed up at my door if I called the GS, I would be calling with issues every day. He is a little bit of a hottie... okay, sorry! Lost my thought there!

My little WU cheerleader. Each of my peanuts have been a WU cheerleader at some point. This is the year for Kendal! She was pretty cute and I love that her hair is long enough to pull up in a pony tail. She looks older!

My favorite girls... ready to trick or treat!

We skipped out on our normal trunk or treats, we did go to one up the street then walked the neighborhood. The kids really loved going door to door. It was neat to see how many kids were out walking around. Gaby and Kadyn had a blast- they kept guessing on which house would hand out "good candy". Mia really got into it and was picky about what she grabbed. Kendal just sat in the wagon and opened everything she got.

As a joke, we weighed the kids' bags after the night was over... total, they have over 7 pounds of candy. Unfortunately, I think I added their 7 pounds to my butt and hips. I have no will power.

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